ST-40V Machine for trenchless replacement of pipelines (vertical)

СТ-40В - Установка для бестраншейной замены трубопроводов

Our machine ST-40V with vertical disposition of cylinders is designed for trenchless replacement of pipelines (pipe bursting) in confined spaces, without the presence of the operator inside a manhole or a box.

СТ-40В - Машина для бестраншейной замены трубопроводов

Download the booklet ST-40V (PDF 0,9 MB)

The overall dimensions of the unit make it possible to place it in manholes with small diameter, starting from 800 mm.

The modularity of the assembly and the low weight of the components allow lowering directly through the hatch hole with a diameter of 600 mm.

The main parameters of the works performance:

- Pulling capacity for pipe pulling into position:  40 tons
- Replaceable pipeline length*:  150 m
- Old pipeline diameters:  from 100 mm to 315 mm
- New pipeline diameters**:  from 110 mm to 315 mm

* It depends on the material, degree of wear of pipes being replaced, the skills of the crew, hydrogeological conditions, clogging of old pipes, and other factors.
** With both conservation and increase / decrease of diameter.

Types of pipelines:   Water, sewerage, gas.

Material of replaced pipeline:   cast iron, reinforced concrete, ceramic, asbestos.

Material of new pipeline:  polyethylene.


СТ-40В схема

  • Vertical arrangement of hydraulic cylinders
    Gives more free space inside a standard D 1000 mm manhole. (For non-standard D 800 mm or 1500 mm manholes, we manufacture customized bumpers.)

    The minimum dimensions of the machine allow to:

      - Move the power unit to the left and to the right from the axis of the manhole along the guideways, which allows to change pipelines that do not pass through the center of the manhole.

      - Place the power unit as close as possible to the back wall of the manhole and make room for the cutting head and new pipeline to enter the manhole.

      - Facilitate the installation and dismantling of the equipment in the cramped conditions of D 800 mm or D 1000 mm manholes.

  • Lowered axis of passage of the rods through the power unit
    This design allows to reduce the volume of dismantling the gutter of the manhole.

  • New thrust bumper and frame design
    Allows even better redistribution of pressure between the front and rear walls of the working manhole and minimizes the likelihood of destruction of the manhole.

  • “Flow through” Technology
    The patented “Flow through” MEMPEX technology allows the pipe bursting process to be particularly cost effective. This technology combines three key elements: innovative geometry of the cutting head, threaded pipeline sections, and a dedicated fixing device which keeps the pushed pipeline sections in a solidly jointed state. Thus, during pipe bursting, the flowing of sewage goes through the cutting head and the new pipe. There is consequently no need for arranging forced pumping of sewage on the surface.

Installation options of the ST-40V power unit:

  • In a manhole with diameters of 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1500 mm.
  • In a box at design depth.
Pulling capacity for pipe pulling into position:40 tons
Гидростанция к машине СТ-40В
Hydraulic cylinders:2 pieces
Operating temperature range:from -20ºС to +40ºС

Hydraulic Power Pack
Engine:Honda GX 690 (gasoline)
Power:17,7 kW
Standard specific fuel consumption:6,7 l/h
Pump capacity (max):40 l/min
Hydraulic cylinder working pressure:20 MPa
Fuel tank capacity:40 l
Hydraulic tank capacity:100 l

Overall dimensions and weight

Power unit:
Length: 350 mm
Width: 390 mm
Height: 800 mm
Weight: 120 kg

Bumper (standard):
Length: 990 mm
Width: 960 mm
Height: 935 mm
Weight: 150 kg

Hydraulic Power Pack:
Length: 1500 mm
Width: 630 mm
Height: 780 mm
Weight: (empty): 270 kg


Тechnological and design solutions used in the manufacture of devices and equipment are the property of MEMPEX LLC and are protected by patents.