MNBS-600 Directional Auger Drilling Machine

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Multifunctional drilling machine with laser guidance system
for straight drilling with consistent slope.



  • Laying of gravity sewers of various diameters: 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm.
  • Execution of directional drilling with subsequent expansion of the hole to the required diameter: from 120 mm to 360 mm.

Set-up and operation of MNBS-600:

  • drilling from a pit.




Bentonite mixtures and other drilling fluids are not required.
Soil  types:  all types except rocky soils. 

It is possible to operate MNBS-600 in a special shoring system, which reduces the time for preparatory work and allows the drilling operation to be carried out in protected conditions.

Technical specifications

General data:

Navigation system:

Laser guidance system


Stand-alone module installed inside the pilot head with automatic data transfer to the display

Operating temperature range:

20° ... +40°С

Pushing force:

100 tons

Pulling force:

77 tons


1,5 t/m

Working pressure of hydraulic cylinders:

200 kg/cm3

Hydraulic Power Pack:

total power 35,4 kW

Total weight of the equipment:
- drilling unit
- shoring system to a depth of 1,6 m


2500 kg
2000 kg


Shoring system:
Length     2900 mm
Width   2300 mm

Main drilling unit:
Length      2850 mm
Width   1350 mm
Height   1300 mm




Key operating conditions

Drilling parameters:
- Directional curved drilling length:  up to 150 m*.
- Auger drilling length:  up to 80 m*.
- Diameter of the pipe to be pulled:
  360 mm.
- Diameter of auger drilling:
  400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm.

*Drilling parameters may vary depending on geology, professional skills of the team, water saturation of soil, etc.


New pipeline material:
- Metal
- High-strength concrete
- Polyethylene


Тechnological and design solutions used in the manufacture of devices and equipment are the property of MEMPEX LLC and are protected by patents.