UNB-40 Directional Drilling Unit


This is a small-sized directional drilling unit for quick construction of pipelines, with the pulling capacity of 40 tons.
UNB-40 is a heavier and more powerful version of UNB-20. It is a pit-launched machine based on the principle of dry compaction. Increased pushing and pulling force allows installing new pipes as large as 315 mm in diameter at the distances of up to 120 m. Pipe-bursting capabilities are also increased to 315 mm.


The trenchless procedure for construction of pipelines having the diameter up to 315 mm, up to 120 m long:

  • The dry method for pipe-jacking, controllable in terms of plan and profile, with no soil carried away from the working passage.
  • Worn pipeline replacement.

Options for the UNB-40 unit installation and operation:

  • from the pit in the box.

No bentonite mixtures required.
Soil types:  up to and including the 3rd category.


General specifications:

- Monitoring device:                     Radar, RD – 385 L
- Operating temperature range:       -20°C…+40°C
- Pulling capacity for pipe-jacking:   24 tons
- Pulling capacity for pipe pulling into position:               38 tons
- Hydraulic cylinders:                                           1 pc.
- Rated operating pressure  
  of hydraulic cylinders: 20 MPa
- Total weight of the basic equipment (bars not included):  990 kg


Hydraulic unit:
- Motor:             Honda GX 690 (gasoline)
- Power:             17.7 kW

Overall dimensions of hydraulic unit:
- Length   1500 mm
- Width  630 mm
- Height  780 mm


Overall dimensions:

- Length         3000 mm
- Width       1150 mm
- Height         695 mm

- Length           600 mm
- Diameter         48 mm
- Weight            7.6 kg

Key parameters:

Drilling  parameters:
- Pipe-jacking length: 120 m*.
- Diameters of pipes to be laid:
  63 mm, 90 mm, 110 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm, 225 mm, 250mm, 315 mm.
- Personnel required for works: 2 persons.

Worn pipeline replacement parameters:
- New pipeline diameter**: 
  110 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm, 225 mm, 315 mm.
- Minimal old pipeline diameter:  100 mm.
- Replaced pipeline length:  120 m.
- Personnel required for works: 2 persons.

* - drilling parameters can vary and can be higher or less: they depend on geology, working team skills, soil moisture content etc.
** - with the same diameter or with higher or smaller diameter.

Pipeline types:
- Water and sewerage
- Gas
- Conduits for cables used for various purposes

Replaced pipeline material:
- Cast iron
- Reinforced concrete
- Ceramics
- Asbestos
- Steel

New pipeline material:
- Polyethylene
- Steel


Distinctive features

  • Ergonomic and simple operation
  • Well-designed, balanced construction
  • Combination of high power and high mobility