ST-40 Pipe Bursting Machine


This is a mini-unit, with the pulling capacity of 48 tons, applying the trenchless technology for replacement of average-diameter pipelines.
The main purpose of this innovative device is trenchless replacement of cast iron, ductile iron, concrete, ceramic and other pipes by means of static pipe bursting. It is possible to keep the same diameter as the old pipe or to increase it by some amount, depending on the soil conditions. One of the advantages of ST-40 is its compact size, allowing it to be operated in extremely confined spaces, such as Ø1000 mm wells. High degree of automation reduces the crew number and increases the safety level at the construction site: in particular, the presence of personnel inside the well is not required during the pipe-bursting process.


  • The trenchless procedure for replacement of pipelines having the diameter up to 315 mm, up to 120 m long.


  • Automated rod-feeding and automated pulling of the bursting head 
  • Innovative system of rods with pivot joints 
  • Ergonomic back-pushing device for short pipe modules 
  • High safety 
  • Small size and weight


General specifications:
Operating temperature range-20°C…+40°C
Pulling capacity for pipe pulling into position48 tons
Hydraulic cylinders4 pc.
Rated operating pressure of hydraulic cylinders:20 MPa
Total weight of the basic equipment (bars not included)470 kg
Hydraulic unit
MotorHonda GX 690 (gasoline)
Power17.7 kW
Pump capacity30 litres / minute
Hydraulic reservoir100 litres
Overall dimensions
Length920 mm
Width590 mm
Height700 mm

The following diagram illustrates the pipeline replacement procedure with the ST-40 equipment used for this purpose:

Plakat st40 01.jpg  Plakat st40 04.jpg


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