UNB-20 Directional drilling machine

УНБ-20: Мини-установка гнб/прокол/замена (система локации SNS300)

A lightweight & portable hydraulic underground piercing unit.
UNB-20 has a full steering capability thanks to radiolocation navigation system. UNB-20 is a multifunctional unit designed for drilling in areas with limited accessibility and in confined urban spaces. The works are accomplished in two steps: 1) drilling a pilot bore with directional guidance, 2) pulling a reamer and expanding the hole by means of dry compaction. After that a new pipe is pulled into the expanded hole.


  • Installation of pipelines up to 160 mm in diameter at the distances of up to 60 meters
  • Replacement of old pipes up to 160 mm in diameter using the method of static pipe-bursting

Distinctive features

The principal competitive advantage of UNB-20 is its mobility. The equipment set consists of easy assembly modules. A crew of two persons without any lifting equipment can assemble the machine at construction site and start works within 20-30 minutes.

UNB-20 can be transported with light-duty motor vehicles. No cranes or excavators are required to assemble the machine at the construction site. This is very important for the construction of pipelines in remote areas or in areas of limited accessibility.

This unit can be safely recommended for specialized construction companies with significant experience and a fleet of drilling equipment, and as well as for the companies who are new to trenchless technologies.

Unb20 zIMG 2451 hydrost.jpg

Options for the UNB-20 unit installation and operation:

  • from the pit in the box;
  • from the surface.

No bentonite mixtures required.
Soil types: up to and including the 3rd category.


General specifications:

Monitoring device:

Radar RD – 385 L

Operating temperature range:

-20° ... +40°С


15 tons

Pulling capacity for pipe pulling into position:

20 tons

Hydraulic cylinders:

2 pc.

Rated operating pressure of hydraulic cylinders:

20 + 20 MPa

Total weight of the basic equipment (bars not included):

820 kg

Hydraulic unit:


Honda GX 690 (gasoline)


8.2 кW

Overall dimensions:

Hydraulic unit:
  Length    1060 mm
  Width    600 mm
  Height   720 mm

  Length    2146 mm
  Width   1150 mm
  Height   640 mm

  Length     600 mm
  Diameter   45 mm
  Weight      7.6 kg



Key parameters:

Drilling  parameters:
- Pipe-jacking length: 60 m*.
- Diameters of pipes to be laid:
  63 mm, 90 mm, 110 mm, 160 mm.
- Personnel required for works: 2 persons.

Worn pipeline replacement parameters:
- New pipeline diameter**: 
  110 mm, 160 mm.
- Minimal old pipeline diameter:  100 mm.
- Replaced pipeline length:  50 m.
- Personnel required for works: 2 persons.

* - drilling parameters can vary and can be higher or less: they depend on geology, working team skills, soil moisture content etc.
** - with the same diameter or with higher or smaller diameter.

Pipeline types:
- Water and sewerage
- Gas
- Conduits for cables used for various purposes

Replaced pipeline material:
- Cast iron
- Reinforced concrete
- Ceramics
- Asbestos
- Steel

New pipeline material:
- Polyethylene
- Steel


Distinctive features:

  • versatility;
  • easy operation;
  • reliability;
  • small overall sizes;
  • low cost.

The UNB-20 unit’s principal competitive advantage is its mobility.

The equipment set consists of easily collapsible modules only.
For example, a two-person team, without any handling equipment, can assemble the machine at a construction site and begin its work within 20-30 minutes.

Light-duty motor vehicles can be used for transportation of UNB-20 units, due to their light weight.

No cranes or excavators are necessary to mount the machine at a construction site; this is very important for construction of utilities in remote areas or areas difficult to access.

We can surely recommend this unit both for specialized construction companies, having experience and owing a fleet of drilling equipment, and for entities just starting their use of trenchless technologies.