MNB-50, the directional drilling machine

This is a small-sized unit, with the pulling capacity of 50 tons, for construction of average-diameter pipelines in urban environment.

MNB-125, the directional drilling machine 

This is a heavy-duty unit, with the pulling capacity of 125 tons, for construction of large diameter pipelines in urban environment.

OR-1.5, the collapsible mobile formwork

A unique auxiliary system for construction of new pipelines and replacement of old pipelines by new ones, followed by installation of reinforced concrete rings.

UNB-20, the slant drilling rig

This is a small-sized portable unit, for operation in urban environment, with the pulling capacity of 20 tons.

UNB-40, the directional drilling unit

This is a small-sized directional drilling unit for quick construction of pipelines, with the pulling capacity of 40 tons.

ST-40, the pipeline replacement machine

This is a mini-unit, with the pulling capacity of 48 tons, applying the trenchless technology for replacement of average-diameter pipelines.

Distinctive features of equipment made by our company:

  • Each unit provides two functions:
    1) it carries out pipe-jacking, controllable in terms of its plan and profile;
    2) it replaces worn pipeline along the old trace and, at the same time, pulls new pipes into their position.
  • Each new model is tested in the field during one year or longer, because our company provides construction works also.
  • The equipment is easy for operation.
  • No liquid fillers required.
  • The equipment is appropriate for operation in severe winter conditions.
  • High quality and reliability.
  • Costs are lower than those for similar equipment from foreign manufacturers.