MEMPEX LLC is a manufacturer of construction equipment for trenchless technologies.

    Our area of expertise:
  • Horizontal directional drilling machines (HDD):
    - units for guided ground piercing with diameter up to 500 mm;
    - directional auger drilling machines with diameter up to 1120 mm.
  • Machines for trenchless replacement of old pipelines by method of dry compaction (pipe bursting) with diameter of up to 630 mm.
  • Accessory equipment and devices:
    - hydraulic self-extendable shoring system for the construction of wells with diameter of up to 2.0 m;
    - laser guidance system;
    - deseaming device;
    - hydraulic anchor for pipe laying.

We manufacture our equipment since 2001.

Our equipment delivery geography is constantly expanding: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan.

The MEMPEX LLC policy with regard to the equipment manufacturing is based on the requirements specified in the European standards ISO-9001.

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The most important distinctive feature of construction equipment manufactured by our company is that this equipment is MULTIFUNCTIONAL.

Every set of construction equipment we produce has at least two functions: it carries out pipe-jacking and it replaces existing pipelines.